Nov 13, 2015

Garden Update - Spring

Sorry for the huge gap between posts, let's just say life has been turned upside down since June and things are only now slightly more back on track (in a very loose way!).
My loyal garden companion
Thought you would like a bit of an update on our garden which seems to be on a bit of a winning streak at the moment as our plantings really grow into their surroundings.

At long last we have some lovely white flowers on our wisteria, which I am particularly proud of as these are the first flowers since we planted it four years ago.

All the trees are looking a little harsh just now as we gave them a major winter prune, however they will grow lots this year and fill out in no time.

The prune was well worth it as we have got rid of all the high branches and thinned out so we can grow better fruit and actually be able to pick it.

We have planted a new tree to replace the dead walnut that we cut down. It is a golden elm and we are very pleased that it is growing well and know it will look amazing in another 5 to 10 years!

The front beds slowly filling up with plants
The front garden is full of roses and we have also yanked out some more agapanthas to increase the size of the beds. Now that I have found some hardy plants that can survive the rubbish soil in the front beds I am having a lot more success.

The idea is that the main front bed will be agapantha free by next winter and we will have lots of lovely shrubs and flowers in there instead. I'd say we are now 80% well on the way.

Our new garden bed plantings
The mower broke, so I have been paying someone to do the lawns instead and have discovered they do a much better job than Mr L'Orange. 

Weed free, freshly cut lawns - beautiful
Now he gets to enjoy three hours of not cutting the grass at the weekends and I get to enjoy a beautiful lawn all through the week - it is a win win situation.

The lavender hedge is looking lovely at the moment
Hope you like the garden at the moment as much as I do. Until next time.

Our main bee attraction in the garden

May 29, 2015

Agrestic Grocer in Orange

This is one of our favourite spots to go during the weekend, especially in winter has they have a log fire blazing and live music on Saturdays and Sundays between 12 - 3pm.

The Agrestic Grocer has formed a restaurant in the former packing shed, offering great locally sourced produce with an interesting and ever changing menu. 

We always try to book a table as breakfast is very popular, my most favourite dish is the Croque Monsieur with Trunkey Creek ham, caramelised onions and gruyere cheese - it tastes as naughty as it sounds! The fresh pressed apple juice is also delicious with fruit coming from the owner's orchards.

Things also get busy most lunchtimes so it is worth being organised and booking a table to avoid disappointment. The ploughman's platter continues to be a hit and is excellent for sharing with friends.

The restaurant is licensed so you can indulge in a nice glass of wine or try some of the Badlands Beer which is brewed on site. They even do tasting paddles which are good fun and mean you get a little sip of all the beers produced on site. There is both inside and outside dining so dependent on the weather you can take your pick.

After dining, we usually head into the farm shop where you can pick up all kinds of amazing fruit from the owners' orchard and lovely fresh veggies grown locally. 

As if this wasn't enough, the Agrestic Grocer also do fruit and veg boxes which you can order weekly for your family.

The Agrestic Grocer, is not afraid to try new things and are currently running music nights on Tuesday evenings which are selling out. I'm off to a Paul Simon tribute night in June - so will let you know all about it first hand in a few weeks.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

May 25, 2015

Garden Screening

2015 is going to be our year of screening. We are keen to completely enclose our garden with green to screen out all of the neighbours so we have total privacy and something nice to look at. 

We have realised that a lot of the appeal of Darling Cottage is that the garden is so private and secluded so we are now attempting to do the same for our little place. 

We are starting with this side of the house and already have a new cherry laurel hedge planted at the front & now we are working on the back.

We have planted 3 new olive trees down the side of the house, as I noticed they had some particularly large ones in Bunnings (for the same price of the tiny ones I bought last time of course!).

Our existing olive trees are growing really well and even have actual olives growing on them which is pretty exciting. Again they don't really need any attention so are excellent for time poor gardeners like myself who regularly forget to water and feed everything.

A camelia has been planted alongside the fence in the back garden in the hope that when it grows we will gain some screening and it will look beautiful from the deck. Next project is to screen off around the veggie patch with something that climbs well but doesn't take up much room. I'm thinking either virginia creeper or chinese jasmine.

Hope you all have a great week!

May 22, 2015

Roof for the Deck

Ever since we got our deck built a few years ago we have been debating what to do about the roof. 
Deck Without Roof
Whilst lovely to enjoy al fresco dining and look up at the clear blue sky, it is also a bit annoying when you have dinner planned outside and just as you sit down there are a few drops of rain and the whole evening goes into abort mode.

We saw a lovely covered outdoor area with a vine running over the beams a couple of months ago and we decided we would like something similar. The carpenter who built our deck assured us that putting on a roof would be quick, cheap and simple - I was completely mislead on all fronts!

Deck with roof

We picked a clear plastic roof so we could let as much sun into the house during winter as possible, this meant more wooden beams needed to go up to ensure the plastic wouldn't bend and crack. 

We also made sure that special screws were used so we didn't get that annoying creaking sound that you sometimes find on covered areas. After a bit of staining action, everything came up really well.

We are hoping to get a little outdoor lounge or some comfy reading chairs to add to the deck along with some solar powered hanging lights and a nice green climbing plant.

May 20, 2015

Garden Update - May 2015

Alas we are now moving into winter which is always a bit depressing to say the least. We are expecting a high of 7 degrees today! Mr L'Orange walked the dog in sub zero temperatures this morning, luckily Dog A L'Orange had his cosy yet fashionable winter coat on.

Veggie Patch Update - I've planted beetroot and asian greens into the veggie patch after a 3 hour weeding operation, things had got pretty wild in there. 

We also have growing self seeded onions, carrots, spinach and coriander. I've added a couple of bags of chicken manure and I'm ready to finish this off with a nice mulch of fallen leaves which will have the added benefit of tidying up the garden.

Our garden bed alongside the driveway has recently been ripped out and replanted elsewhere to make room for our new cherry laurel hedge.

We have high hopes that this fast growing dark green beauty will screen out our neighbour in no time at all and look fantastic all year round. I've now got a rather top garden expert on board to help me source plants more cheaply and give me some horticultural advice. Things can only get better!

At last, I have found a fruit that I enjoy in abundance - raspberries!

The few little bushes we planted last year have spread and become a rather large clump full of berries which we have been picking daily as a tasty morning snack followed by a juicy sun kissed afternoon treat. They seemed to last from December right through until now.

Compared to everything else that grows in our garden the raspberry bushes require zero attention and appear to actually thrive on neglect - everyone needs to grow them, they are so easy!

At the moment lemons are in abundance on the tree and they are looking fantastic this year, they really are bursting with flavour. Our lemon has to be the smallest tree in the garden and yet it produces a bumper crop every year.

If anyone fancies a bag of lemons, please let me know as there are hundreds that need a home!

Feb 4, 2015

Sunday in Orange

We had a very interesting Sunday in Orange which kicked off with yoga in Cook Park. About 50 of us gathered at 9am to start the day with a stretch and some fresh air.

Spot the L'Orange!
The class was hosted by the lovely Emma from Positively Yoga to show off what she does best in a unique setting.

Looking up at the beautiful blue sky and huge trees made the yoga poses all the more enjoyable, Mr L'Orange even gave it a go!

Next stop was Burns and Co for one for their big auctions and where we hoped to pick up some pieces of furniture. I have been honing my auction bargain hunting skills by watching many house renovation and antique shows from the UK and felt ready to put my new found talents into action.

To our slight alarm the auction shed was completely full of keen buyers, however they all seemed to want hunting gear, mowers or kayaks so we had relatively little competition when it came to the furniture and sofas. The downside was that we had to wait 2.5 hours for the bidding to start on the items we wanted! Anyway at least we know for next time, we can go away, get a heap of jobs done and then come back.

I was loving holding up my little card and bidding against people, it was a total adrenaline inducing thrill and we picked up lots of bargains! We have spent so many weekends looking at the prices of furniture that we felt we had a really good idea of what we could expect to pay in a standard shop or on ebay.

To give you an idea, for $650 - we ended up walking away with the following brand new items:
wooden double wardrobe
2 seater sofa
3 cushions (that match the sofa)
wooden blanket box
wooden book shelf with some drawers
3 cube wooden stand
2 cube wooden stand

When collecting everything there were even some cushions left over that nobody seemed to want so Mr L'Orange just brought them home as well. We are thrilled with our garage full of goodies and relieved we could get everything locally rather than making another trek to Bathurst or Sydney.

After all the excitement, we relaxed by doing a heap of gardening and diy tasks before beer and the men's tennis finals to finish off the day.

Jan 30, 2015

Garden Excitement

I am very excited to be telling you that I have had a fantastic morning going through the whole of our garden with a professional today. 

Olive trees should all reach over the fence this year - fingers crossed.
After 4.5 years, I now know all the species of tree and plants in the garden and how to help them have a happier and healthier life. This has been seriously overdue!

The Italian Courtyard is starting to come together
Surprisingly, we got a big thumbs up from Jeanette Scott, whose parents have owned orchards and land in the area for years and is the guru of all things plant, tree and garden. According to Jen, our trees are looking really healthy and with some serious pruning over the winter (with the assistance of my new found professional gardener) will be looking fabulous and have fruit we can actually reach next year.

Juicy juicy plums
I now have long list of jobs that include feeding, mulching, thinning, some chainsaw action (stand by Mr L'Orange) and then spraying and pruning in the winter. 

My hibiscus plants also need to be moved as they are trees rather than shrubs (bit of a misunderstanding on my part) and need more space and sunshine. Will be sad to move them but imagine them big and beautiful in another garden.

We also had a look at the Darling Cottage garden which whilst beautiful and established, requires quite a bit of maintenance to keep everything looking neat and maintained. So much for my idea that it would be totally low maintenance! 

I think I'll be spending the weekend spraying white oil, feeding all the azaleas and camelias, then trimming everything back before it grows even more out of control.

Lawn Update - Utterly tired of the useless effect of 'weed and feed' on our lawns we have now purchased some hard core weed killer from the Agricultural Store to try and get the many broadleaf weeds killed off. Will report on the results next week.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.